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Concrete Base


When contacting us, we will require that you have a base before we are able to construct your product. It is essential that all garden buildings are assembled on a firm and level base, constructed from an appropriate, durable material.

Without the correct base, buildings can be very difficult to assemble. This may lead to the future deterioration of the product – such as doors dropping out of alignment, or the source of water leakage.


A clear route is required from the lorry to the prepared base, with no access restrictions. The sections are often large flat panels which may be as long as the building. Possible restrictions include archways, Narrow passages, Sharp corners and Flights of stairs.

It is not normally possible to lift large panels over fences and walls.

Please advise us if there are any access restrictions, steep inclines or long distances at the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Where do you deliver FREE of charge?

We offer our FREE delivery to addresses that are within 30 miles radius of our store. Swansea, Aberdare and Merthyr towns are all within our free delivery area.

Which payment methods are accepted in store?

We accept cash and bank transfers only.

Is there an added charge for installation?

All prices of our products include delivery and installation within a 30 mile radius of Glynneath.


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